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Our glasswasher range is great value and consistently reliable and effecient.


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Elettrobar FAST 30

Elettrobar FAST 30 Glasswasher

Elettrobar OCEAN 51D

Elettrobar Ocean 51D Dishwasher / Glasswasher

Elettrobar OCEAN 61D

Elettrobar OCEAN 61D Dishwasher / Glasswasher

Elettrobar Ocean 31D

ELETTROBAR Ocean 31D Glasswasher

Elettrobar Ocean 31DE

ELETTROBAR Ocean 31DE with Drain Pump

Elettrobar Ocean 41DE

Elettrobar Ocean 41DE with Drain Pump

Elettrobar Ocean 51DE

ELETTROBAR Ocean 51D Glasswasher / Dishwasher with Drain ...

Elettrobar Ocean 61DE

ELETTROBAR Ocean 61DE Dishwasher/Glasswasher

1 ProWash 40

NEW ProWash 40 Dishwasher / Glasswasher

1 ProWash 40D

NEW ProWash 40D Dishwasher / Glasswasher with built-in ...

1 ProWash 50

NEW ProWash 50 Dishwasher / Glasswasher

1 ProWash 50D

NEW ProWash 50 Dishwasher / Glasswasher with built-in Drain ...

1 ProWash 60

NEW ProWash P60 Pass-Through Dishwasher