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Elettrobar Ocean 41DE

Elettrobar Ocean 41DE with Drain Pump

ELETTROBAR Ocean 41D Peristaltic Detergent Dispenser and Partial Drain with Pump

Glasswasher with 39×39 cm rack, constructed
with stratified double-skin side panels with deep-drawn
rounded rack guides and full double-skin door. The welded tank is equipping with an integral filter made from composite material. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners. Thanks to the wide door opening and the dual-flow wash pump, this machine is also able to wash plates up to 30 cm in diameter.

With the use of the optional grille, it also possible to wash a rack of demi-tasse cups and a rack of saucers simultaneously. Standard equipment includes peristaltic rinse aid dispenser, which can be adjusted from the control panel.