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Furlong Refrigeration – New Agent for Cretel Fish Skinners, Meat/Poultry Processing Equipment, Create Washers, Pallet Washers & Large Industrial Washers

Cretel Industrial Washing & Drying SystemsFurlong Refrigeration are the new agent of CRETEL MACHINES

Cretel develops and manufacturers ergonomically designed machinery for the fast, efficient and cost-effective processing of fish, meat and poultry into high-quality products for the customer. 

Cretel has become an authority in the field of skinning and deriding machines in just two decades.

Furthermore, all of Cretel's equipment meets the highest EC-requirements

Producing Fish Processing Equipment, Meat/Poultry Processing Equipment

Pallet, Crates Washing Machines and Large Cabin Washers

For more information see our Cretel Page or contact the office....

Furlong Refrigeration Completed Fruit & Veg Cold Room in Killarney

We at Furlong are proud to announce the installation of a new fruit and vegetable coldroom at O’Shea’s Fruit and Vegetable in Killarney. Optimal temperatures of 2°C to 5°C and humidity conditions are maintained to provide customers with the freshest produce daily.

Special Offers ~ Slightly Used Equipment

BRAND NEW - INFRICO VPC1000 Deli Display Case   €1295 + VAT

 Screenshot 43

Screenshot 44

Screenshot 45


 IMG 1613

FRAMEC Glass Display Door Freezer in very good condition   €500 + VAT


IMG 1614

FRAMEC Island Deep Freezer  €550 + VAT


IMG 1612

Sandwich Display Chill in very good condition - ONLY €450 + VAT


Lincat Self Service Display Unit

Model: Seal C6R/125SU 

Dimensions(mm): W1250 x D650 x H755

Curved Front

Under Counter Power Pack

€900 plus 23% VAT

lincat self service display unit c6r-125su


Brabant Serve Over

Dimensions(mm): W1850 x D970 x H1235

Hinged Curved Glass

Middle Pie Shelf

Refrigerated Under Storage

€850 plus 23% VAT













Special Offer ~ New Equipment

Afinox Up Right Stainless Steel Double Door Freezer - Model: Tampone 1400BT

Dimensions: 1465mm wide x 803mm deep x 2090mm high

Temperature Range: -20°C to -10°C

€2,250 plus 23% VAT ~ 12 months Parts Only Warranty

Afinox Upright Stainless Steel Double Door Chill - Model: Tampone 1400TN

Dimensions: 1420mm wide x 800mm deep x 2090mm high

Temperature Range: -2°C to +7°C

€1,995 plus 23% VAT ~ 12 months Parts Only Warranty

Afinox Upright Chill - Model: Coldy

Dimensions: 1463mm wide x 803mm deep x 2090mm high

Temperature Range: 0°C to +8°C

€1,850 plus 23% VAT ~ 12 months Parts Only Warranty

Eurfrigor Paddle Ice Machine - Model: EC20A

Dimensions: 420mm wide x 515mm deep x 655mm high including foot height

Production: 20Kg per 24 hours ~ Storage: 7Kg

€795 plus 23% VAT ~ 12 months Parts Only Warranty

Elframo 12Kw Double Basket Fryer - Model: EB12+12

Fryer Dimensions: 700mm wide x 600mm deep 500mm high

Basket Dimensions x 2: 290mm wide x 235mm deep x 120mm high

€1,000 plus 23% VAT ~ 12 months Parts Only Warranty



Information about the New Laws Regarding R22 Refrigerant Gas

On January 1st 2010 it became illegal to use virgin R22 Refrigerant Gas in any refrigeration system.

The Environmental Protection Agency has information about this on their website

What this basically means is that we can no longer charge R22 systems with new R22 gas


For the majority of our customers the cheapest and most practical option will be to upgrade their systems to run a alternative refrigerant.


This upgrade will only need to be done if  or when some fault develops that requires that new refrigerant be added to the system. (eg a gas leak / a compressor failure, etc.).


While there is no need to make any changes or upgrades to a working system, it may be worthwhile planning to have your system upgraded at a time where it can be done without any disruption to normal trading, rather then waiting until a major fault develops.


If you are unsure if your system runs on R22 you can usually find out simply by checking the data label on the machine / data label on the compressor / label on the TEV in the cabinet or cold room.


If you would like more information about upgrading your system please contact our office. 


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