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Furlong Refrigeration and Catering Equipment LTD

Top quality fridges, chillers and freezers.

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Undercounter & Upright Chills / Freezers

Tefcold FS1380

Tefcold FS1380 Upright Glass Door Chill

Unifrost F1300SVN

Gastronorm Double Door Stainless Freezer

Unifrost F200SN

Unifrost F200SN Undercounter Stainless Freezer

Unifrost F700SVN

Gastronorm Large All Stainless Freezer

Unifrost GDF400

Frozen Display Freezer Cabinet

Unifrost GDR300

Chilled Display Fridge Cabinet

Unifrost GDR400

Chilled Display Fridge Cabinet

Unifrost R1000SV

Gastro Double Door Stainless Fridge

Unifrost R1300SVN

Gastronorm Double Door Stainless Fridge

Unifrost R200SN

Unifrost R200SN Undercounter Stainless Chill

Unifrost R200SVN

Unifrost R200SVN Undercounter Stainless Fully Ventillated ...

Unifrost R700SVN

Gastronorm Large All Stainless Fridge


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