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Miniflex Beer Cooler

Brewery approved cooling

Kilkenny Cooling Systems

Dimensions: 815mm long x 560mm wide x 900mm high (inc pumps)

The Miniflex is specially designed for low volume outlets with peak demand. It can cater for a maximum of 16 tracks.

Brewery approved
Compact design
Achieves dispense tap temperatures as low as 2ºC
Simplex Model - for outlets with a refrigerated keg room
Duplex Model - for outlets without a refrigerated keg room
Facility for dispense tap cooling
Single or Dual refrigeration circuits
Two pumps incorporating a 'flip-flop' module for alternate pump operation
Additional under counter cooling not required.
Removable cassette holder allows product coils to be exchanged with ease
Built in alarm displays the temperature status of the water bath and incorporates an audible warning system
Manufactured from high quality materials and components to guarantee long term reliability
Fitted with a stand-by water pump