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Cooling Keg Room

Keg Storage

Kilkenny Cooling Systems

  • Compact in design measuring 2m x 2m x 2.08m high
  • 80mm wall thickness
  • Fob boards and bumper rails fitted as standard
  • Maintains product at a constant 8°C
  • Door is fully sealed and fitted with a lockable handle

Designed to cater for small to medium sized bar and restaurants.

Brewery Approved and RECI Compliant

Unrivaled Storage Capacity

Designed for peak demand - The system will perform at optimum level during exceptionally busy periods

Alarm System - Separate temperature control alarms are fitted to the beer cooler and keg room

Ergonomically Designed - There is sufficient vertical height in the keg room to minimize the risk of back injury.

Can be designed and manufactured to customer specifications



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